As Yvonne was unable to be at the anniversary party during the time that
the casino was operating she has asked me to give you feed back.

All the comments I have had about the casino have been very positive and
Everyone found that you and your team were very helpful in showing everyone
how to play the various tables and made it a really good, fun start to our
night of entertainment.

Andrea in particular was very impressed with the result and I am sure
enjoyed consuming the prize she was awarded, as no doubt Yvonne would have
done if I had passed on your present to her ( only joking I did pass it
on….eventually! )

Overall my impression was that you are a well organised, professional
outfit that knows how to provide a fun casino event and I am sure if we
ever hold a similar event in the future Mark and Yvonne would be looking to
book you again.

Nice to have met you and I know Yvonne was very disappointed that her
family event clashed with the works event and she was unable to take part
in the casino fun.
We wish you every success in the future.

Company Name: Stagecoach